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What are the Best Trees for Autumn colours in small gardens?

Oct 05, 2016

Japanese maple

These beautiful deciduous trees are grown for their Autumn colour and beautiful foliage. Due to their slow growth, they are happy to grow in large containers.

To grow in containers use a loam-based compost, which has a high percentage of organic matter and has good drainage. Be sure to feed in Spring/early Summer with a slow-release fertiliser or liquid feed. You will need to repot your maple in a bigger container every few years, the best months to do this would be April or September.

<p"> Disanthus Cercidifolius Arborlife Tree Surgeons

Disanthus Cercidifolius

This medium sized deciduous shrub are best known for their large, rounded, heart-shaped deep crimson leaves, which turn purple and orange in Autumn. It produces small 5-petalled maroon flowers and grows up to a height of 2.5 meters, making it perfect for smaller gardens.

It prefers a moist well-drained soil, which is made up of a loam-based compost. It is best grown in full sun or part shade.

Japanese Mahonia Surrey Tree planting

Japanese Mahonia

Although these are more of a shrub than a tree, the Mahonias are best known for their pretty flowers and beautiful Autumn colored foliage. With a growth of around 1.5 metres, these make a perfect addition to a small garden.

They prefer growing in a well-drained soil, and can be grown in a chalk, clay, sand or loam compost. These shrubs tend to be suitable for a woodland setting.


If you need room in your small garden to plant trees in pots ask us to quote for clearing any larger light blocking trees or hedges.

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