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Why pruning your trees properly is so important

It may seem like pruning your trees in the correct way isn't necessary, but it would seriously damage your tree if done wrong.
WHAT IS PRUNING AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Pruning is an important part of tree care that is performed for aesthetic and plant health reasons. For those that are unaware, pruning i…

how to keep your trees healthy this summer

Want your trees to be as healthy as they can be for summer? Have a look at our tips to help give them the best chance.
Now that the winter months have subsided and it is beginning to get warmer, it is a good idea to check your trees to see if they have taken any damage throughout the winter that c…


Unsure on what your rights are when discussing ownership of trees? Find out what the best option is for you.
Whether they bear fruit, blossom with picturesque colours, or just provide shade on those hot summers days, trees can be a great feature to have within your garden. However, if no…

How to Treat Frost Damaged Trees

Feb, 2019 Blog Post
With this chilly winter weather upon us, many trees tend to become damaged due to frost. The most obvious way to spot frost damage is from broken limbs, however, it can often be sl…