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What are the best Trees for Autumn colours in large gardens?

Sep 07, 2016

Common Beech tree

These large trees are best known for their smooth grey bark and ovate leaves which colour yellowish-green in the Spring and a rich russet-brown in Autumn.

They are suited to any type of soil & can be grown in most places within the UK. Be sure you have enough room before you plant one, they do tend to grow extremely tall to over 12 metres in height.


maidenhair tree surrey arborlife

Maidenhair tree ‘Autumn Gold’

Maidenhair trees are known for their irregular spreading crown & their fan-shaped, 2-lobed leaves which turn a vibrant yellow in Autumn - hence the name “Autumn Gold”. These trees are unfussy when it comes to soil, but require a well drained soil.  

These trees have a conical shape when young and become more irregular with age, along with a growth height reaching over 12 metres.


tupelo tree surrey tree surgeons 

Tupelo tree

Known for their stunning colouring throughout Autumn, these trees can grow beyond 12 meters high. The ovate leaves grow 15cm in length, turning a brilliant red and yellow in Autumn.

They are a slow growing tree of elegant, broadly conical habit. Grow best in moist, fertile ground with wind shelter, and are not suited to alkaline soils.


spindle tree arborlife surrey bookham

Spindle tree

With extremely beautiful yellow/red coloured foilage, the Spindle trees also produce red fruits which split during Autumn.

They have limited growth of roughly 4 metres, making it perfect for a medium sized garden. They grow happily in any type of soil, but require well drained conditions.



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